What to Wear on Safari in Kenya

What to wear on safari in Kenya

Looking for the perfect adventure during your trip to Kenya? If you do, have you considered a safari? Globally, Kenya is known as a hotbed of unique safari locations. And to put the icing on the cake, this destination is home to the world-famous Masai Mara. Safaris are a great way to enjoy the magnificence of mother nature and create memories. But if you are to enjoy your safari, one factor that you should consider is your clothing. What you wear on Safari in Kenya can make or break your trip. 

Top attire choices for what to wear on Safari in Kenya

The outfit choices you make might not be influenced by your fashion tastes. That said, below is a detailed list of apparel to acquire for your safari.

  • Long-sleeves

Long sleeve shirts or t-shirts are certainly not the favorite apparel for many. Nonetheless, they will come in handy to provide much-needed safety throughout the safari.

Long sleeves cover most of the skin surface hence they protect you from the scorching sun.

Also, long sleeves will prove to be an important attire during the night by keeping you warm and keeping away mosquitoes and insects.

  • Long pants

The type of pants you choose will go a long way towards determining your comfort levels and hence your overall safari experience.

Ensure you acquire pants that are loose to enhance your flexibility. Moreover, the pants ought to be long to keep your legs safe.

If you are in a dilemma on what types of pants to carry, here is a quick idea. Consider your jumpsuit!

  • Jackets, hoodies, and sweaters

Throughout your safari, you can rest assured of experiencing the chilly Kenyan weather.

Some safari activities may be conducted at dawn or dusk when it is the coldest. And there is no better way to beat the cold than by having some warm clothes on you.

The ideal clothes to salvage such a situation are sweaters, hoodies, and jackets. The best part about these attires is that they can perfectly fit in your luggage without inflating the weight. 

  • Relaxed and convertible attire

Wearing relaxed attire during a less intensive safari ensures you remain comfortable hence you enjoy your safari experience. If you are simply viewing the wildlife from the roof of your car, then you should consider adopting a relaxed style. Short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts allow your skin to breathe and at the same time protect your shoulders from the sun. However, if you cannot resist the urge to wear vests, then you should consider protecting your shoulders using a scarf. On the other hand, shorts will perfectly complement your short-sleeved shirt or t-shirt. And if you are looking for a quick transition between trousers and shorts, then you should consider convertible pants. 

  • Hat

For most safari enthusiasts, the sun is a common enemy. Hats are an important fashion accessory during your safari as they help protect your face from the sun. However, not all hats are suitable for safari. The recommended hat for safari is one with a wide brim.

  • Sunglasses

Keeping your eyes safe should be a top priority owing to the strong sun in Kenyan jungles. Sunglasses are certainly the perfect tool to keep your eyes secure. When shopping for sunglasses, ensure you get two pairs for security just in case one breaks. Also, get the best quality that keeps out the strong sun rays.

  • Safari shoes

Choosing the proper pair of safari shoes is one step close to enjoying an exhilarating experience. With the right shoes, you can take part in any safari activity without jeopardizing the safety of your feet. Among the best choices for safari, shoes are trainers. This is due to their ability to cruise through the harsh jungle terrain. If you are looking to keep your feet aerated, then you should consider sports sandals. When choosing sporting sandals, ensure they have a supportive sole that ensures you do not slide while walking or while standing on the moving vehicle. 

  • Scarfs and gloves

Ordinarily, game drives are designed to capture the wildlife’s lifestyle. If you happen to visit Kenya during the cold/rainy season, you’ll notice that the cold can be a little tough. To keep away the cold, scarfs and gloves will come in handy. With a scarf, you can also shield your shoulders from the sun. For the gloves, they ensure you enjoy capturing the moments with warm hands.

  • Maasai Leso

One of the most popular pieces of souvenirs among Kenyan tourists has to be the Maasai Leso. The purposes it serves qualifies it to fit in our list of what to wear on safari in Kenya. This is the perfect attire to add a sense of fashion in your safari and enables you to blend with the Kenyan culture. Additionally, you can use the same Leso to keep yourself warm. This piece of attire is derived from the Maasai culture where it is widely used. Now you must be wondering where to acquire your Leso. Well, they are easily available in curio shops and you can get them as soon as you arrive.

  • Safari Watch

You can read all about the best watch for Safari here.

Considerations when choosing what to wear on Safari in Kenya

  • Weather and comfort

In general, you should opt for comfortable and loose clothing. This will help enhance your mobility during wildlife viewing and other activities planned for your safari.

Additionally, you must consider the weather patterns when planning for your safari. Normally, the weather patterns in Kenya vary depending on location.

For this reason, ensure you always check the weather forecasts in your safari location of choice. Most importantly, you might consider bringing an extra bunch of clothes just in case there are no laundry services or due to poor weather.

Be sure to check our guide on the best time to visit Kenya for Safari. This will help you plan according to the season that you are visiting in. 

  • Color

When shopping for your safari clothes, color is one aspect that you should not go wrong about. Choosing the proper color will ensure that you blend in with the environment.

In addition, blending colors will perfectly handle the dirt and dust. With bright colors, you will only draw attention to yourself and may repulse the wildlife.

So, which are the ideal colors for your safari attire? Well, the best color is always Khaki. However, you can also use; tans, browns, and olives. 

  • Safety

As you plan for your safari during the day, you should not forget to plan for your night. After all, you want some peaceful rest after a long day of adventure. Don’t you?

The type of clothing you choose for the night will largely be determined by the weather patterns in your location.

In most safari locations, the weather at night is mostly cool. Therefore, ensure you bring warm and cozy attire.

During the day it can be hot sometimes and you will need summer clothing. 

More to that, spending a night in the bush leaves you prone to insect and mosquito attacks. To mitigate these attacks, be sure to pack apparel that can cover most of your skin.

Furthermore, you should consider bringing repellants which will help minimize the intensity of the attacks. 

  • Material on the outfit

There are no restrictions as to which material to adopt during your safari. Nevertheless, you should ensure your clothing material is durable. This will ensure it withstands the harsh conditions in the Kenyan jungle.

On the other hand, the material of choice should be made from a breathable material like linen or microfiber to ensure your skin remains aerated.

Planning What to Wear on Safari in Kenya

Before you embark on shopping for your safari outfits, it is only prudent that you first look at your itinerary. The amount of time you wish to spend in the wild should inform your decision on what to carry. Ensure you carry enough outfits to last your stay at the safari camps or lodges. Additionally, be exceptional and plan ahead by checking the weather forecasts to know what to carry. With such planning, you’ll realize that you have manageable luggage. More to that, you can check with your safari lodge or camp to know if they offer laundry services. That way, you will plan your outfits to suit your stay.

When acquiring your safari outfits, be on the lookout for quality. With quality attire, you don’t have to keep spending on clothes anytime you want to go for a safari. To be on the safe side, consider buying from reputable brands and outlets.

The safari experience is one that cannot be matched by any other expedition. And with a destination like Kenya that serves you a plate full of locations, you are assured of a unique experience each time you visit. But to enjoy the best experience, your outfit planning will count a lot. Therefore, ensure you familiarize yourself with the attire requirements. With this, you can take part in any safari activity comfortably. On that note, if you are looking for a safari experience like no other, be sure to make Kenya your ultimate choice. And as you plan for your trip, be sure to give your safari attire as serious thought! All the best as you plan for your safari.

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