4 Must Visit Places in Diani Beach

Planning a trip to Diani beach? Here are 4 must-visit places in Diani beach. 1. Diani Beach Well if you are on the south coast then the number one place you cannot miss is Diani Beach. Often voted amongst the top beaches worldwide. The beach has fantastic colorings for its scenery. White sandy beaches, crystal … Read more 4 Must Visit Places in Diani Beach

5 Reasons to Go on A Wildlife Safari

Vacation time is just around the corner, and I can already here bags being packed, schedules confirmed and people getting ready to vroom off. Talking about vacations, decided on a venue yet? Let me suggest one to you. You’ve climbed enough mountains and tanned at enough beaches. Now, why not venture into a forest for a safari?

Best Time to Visit Kenya for Safari

Looking for the best time to visit Kenya for Safari? Let’s help you find out the best time of the year to visit Kenya. Although the actual word safari was historically used to plan holidays around animal hunting, this word has now reformed and taken a fresher breath in its description of being around animals … Read more Best Time to Visit Kenya for Safari