Low Season in Mombasa

The low season in Mombasa runs from April to May due to the long rains. Mombasa can sometimes be quite expensive during the high season.

If you are in the coastal city there is nothing better than getting a quality beachfront hotel or resort. Staying in town is not probably a good idea if you are going to Mombasa for a holiday.

So when is the best time to visit Mombasa in the low season?

The answer is simple, avoid the holiday seasons. Kenya has Public holidays throughout the year. If you want to get the best deals then you need to avoid the following dates:

  1. Easter Holidays: usually in mid-April. Since this is a long weekend many local tourists prefer to getaway to Mombasa for the weekend. With the influx of hotels and resorts, hike prices and are pretty skyrocketing.
  2. 1st May and 1st June– A public holiday in Kenya. If it happens to be around a weekend just like Easter the influx of tourists causes hotels and resorts to skyrocket their prices. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Simple laws of supply and demand. Demand is high when people have time off work/school supply is low. When people are busy getting by their daily schedules they typically don’t have time for a holiday, hotels don’t get many guests, and to attract the few they lower their prices.
  3. Eid Season – Mombasa having a significant Muslim population is best to avoid during Ramadhan and Eid. During Eid, the beaches are flocked by the locals and can sometimes get crowded. You will probably not enjoy your holiday very well during Eid because of the crowded beaches.
  4. October 20th – Another public holiday in Kenya. Similar to the above prices are higher during this time.
  5. December – After 12th December there are going to be very many tourists visiting from all over the world. Although it is probably the best time to visit during the year, if you are looking for an affordable deal, it will be pretty hard to find one during December.

Here is a general guideline on Low, Mid and High Seasons in Mombasa

Jan-Mar – This is mid-season and prices in Mombasa around this time are affordable.

Apr-May – This is the real low season because of the Long rains, many people avoid Mombasa at these times. It is ideal to go if you are on a budget but you may not enjoy as much.

Jun – As the weather starts getting better so does the influx of tourists. But not prices are not quite as high compared to other months.

July-Oct- This is the peak season in Mombasa. Prices will be high but not as high as December. If you have a few extra bucks to spare it can be a magical experience around these times.

Nov to mid-Dec – The short rains are back during this period and this is a mid-season.

Mid-Dec to 2nd Jan – PEAK in caps. It is really the best time to visit. Mombasa comes to life during this season, however, the prices are going to be significantly higher during this time. It all comes down to you get what you pay for.

However, if you are able to avoid Mombasa during the rains and avoid it during the holidays you should be on your way to a thrilling Mombasa Safari!

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