Top 10 Amazingly Enchanting Destinations to Explore WildLife Safaris in India

While most of the people do prefer sightseeing and monument visit during their time exploring India, there are a few to whom the fauna seems intriguing, who find comfort deep within the mystery of forests. So, in case, this mystery is something you wish to uncover as well as witness some of the rarest species … Read more Top 10 Amazingly Enchanting Destinations to Explore WildLife Safaris in India

Oloiden Campsite Review

Most of the tourist attractions in Naivasha are located outside the busy town. A tour on the fresh water lake shores makes for an ideal weekend holiday. The lake is surrounded by lots of birds’ species. However, the lake is also surrounded by forest that is host to the most bird species and wildlife. Naivasha is an hour’s drive from the Nairobi however may last about one and a half hours inclusive of several stops. 1It is advisable to explore the several attractions along the route that include view point, the old Italian church, which is the smallest church in East Africa, that was built by Italian prisoners of war in 1942.

15 Best Twitter Safari Feeds to Follow

Twitter is the past few years has developed to a major marketing tools for all industries and sectors.  The tourism and hospitality industry must have a list of people that they follow to enable them influence and market their business. On this list, we highlight fifteen twitter personalities that enjoy a huge audience.  Most of … Read more 15 Best Twitter Safari Feeds to Follow

5 Reasons to Go on A Wildlife Safari

Vacation time is just around the corner, and I can already here bags being packed, schedules confirmed and people getting ready to vroom off. Talking about vacations, decided on a venue yet? Let me suggest one to you. You’ve climbed enough mountains and tanned at enough beaches. Now, why not venture into a forest for a safari?