5 Reasons to Go on A Wildlife Safari

Vacation time is just around the corner, and I can already here bags being packed, schedules confirmed and people getting ready to vroom off. Talking about vacations, decided on a venue yet? Let me suggest one to you. You’ve climbed enough mountains and tanned at enough beaches. Now, why not venture into a forest for a safari?

20 Cheap Weekend Getaways from Nairobi in 2020

You don’t necessarily have to travel far to get enjoy a weekend getaway. Nairobi is strategically located almost in the middle of Kenya making it easy to get away for a weekend of relaxation. Many of these getaways are budget friendly and quite affordable. No matter your activity, a romantic getaway, game drives, outdoor activities, day trips, camping trips, weekend getaways this list should easily cover your desires.

$250 Luxurious Maasai Mara Safari

After getting married last year around July, I only got a short 2 weeks leave from work. Trust me this was so short it wasn’t even enough for the wedding itself let alone honeymoon. I had promised my wife I would get leave in Christmas period and we would go for Honeymoon.

While planning where to go I had seen my beloved wife watching National Geographic often and being amazed by the wildlife. I offered to take her to Maasai Mara and she was extremely excited.

Best Time to Visit Kenya for Safari

Looking for the best time to visit Kenya for Safari? Let’s help you find out the best time of the year to visit Kenya. Although the actual word safari was historically used to plan holidays around animal hunting, this word has now reformed and taken a fresher breath in its description of being around animals … Read more Best Time to Visit Kenya for Safari