10 Must Haves for Safari

You have booked for your safari after carefully planning for it and now need to get packing, clothes, shoes, essentials and you want to make sure you don’t miss anything out. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Preventative & Essential Medicines – If you have any prescription medicines this are definitely something not to forget. It is important to carry enough of these to last your entire safari. Preventative meds to help you with worst case scenarios e.g. diarrhoea, mosquito lotion, heartburn, indigestion, malaria tablets e.t.c Mosquitos are a nuisance in most safaris, sometimes even during the day and mosquito repellant lotion is very important.

Camera, Video and Binoculars – A little obvious but these need to get on the list. Many people tend to forget binoculars, they are a must for wildlife vieweing. Sometimes you will be lucky enough to get close as possible to the animals but other times the animals might just be too far away, say hiding inside a bush or running after prey, you don’t want to miss these. A camera is also one not to miss. When on Safari you will be welcomed by some of the most stunning landscapes and you want to make sure you capture these.

Right Clothing – Most African safaris are going to be hot, Safari landscapes are dusty and it can get cold at night. A difficult compbination to pack for it may seem at first? Well not really, here’s how you pack. Avoid white clothing, it will get dirty very quickly. Try and get light and casual classic bush coloured clothing. Pack light clothes for the day so you don’t feel too hot. Get a sweater for the night, it will be enough to beat the cold. T-shirts or shirts with collars are a far You don’t need to pack too many clothes as well and you have to consider your limit on checked in luggage. Most safari hotels and camps have laundry services. For shoes get comfortable walking shoes and a pair of open sandals for daytime use. A swimming costume is one not to forget as most safari lodges have swimming pools. Avoid zebra striped pyjamas watch the video below to find out.

Electronics – It is difficult to forget these, but thing you need to consider are chargers and power banks. Get the right adapters for you stuff that are country specific. Power banks are also a must. Some of the luxurious hotels in remote areas do experience power shortages for example masaai mara Keekorok lodge and Mara Sopa so these come in handy to keep your camera and phone charged. If you can pack extra batteries for your camera and memory cards as well.

High SPF Sunblock and Hats – Thank me later for this one. Add sunglasses to this list. Safaris are outdoors and you can easily get sun burnt, if you don’t have sunglasses you will struggle.

Flashlight / Torch  – Walking around rents at night can get tricky if you don’t have these. It is advisable to get rechearble LED ones. Recheargble because getting batteries in remote areas might be difficult. LED beacuse they are the best.

Toileteries – Tissues, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, these come in handy when you need to wipe the dust off your face or need to have lunch in the middle of the gamedrive use hand sanitizer to wash your hands and feast away at your lunch. Don’t forget Shampoo, you might not get the best shampoo in the wild and with all the dust on your hair it might get tangly.

Passports, Air tickets, Hotel Bookings & Cash e.t.c – Difficult to forget these but they need to be on this list and your check list as well. It is also good to have photocopies especially of your passport and store these separately from your passport. You will need to have cash in local currency. Many places do accept credit/debit cards but in the wild it might be difficult to find an ATM just in case the swiping machine doesn’t work or when you need to tip your tour guide.

Travel Insurance – A must have. You might not even be allowed in some countries without it.

Patience – Don’t leave it at home. You will need it, flight delays, cancellations, missing lions, no rhinos on that day e.t.c you will encouter these. The first time I went for safari to Maasai mara it took us 5 hours before we saw our first lion.

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