4 Must Visit Places in Diani Beach

1. Diani Beach Well if you are in south coast then the number one place you cannot miss is Diani Beach. Often voted amongst the top beaches worldwide. The beach has fantastic colourings for its scenery. White sandy beaches, crystal clear flawless waters, lush green palm trees it is simply the best. It’s always alive…

5 Cheap Camping Sites in Naivasha

Naivasha is a magnificent town that offers so many relaxing activities such as camping, game drives, boat rides, fishing, cycling and many more. It’s strategically located about an hour away from the Capital Nairobi making it a great choice for a quick weekend camping trip. Travelling to Naivasha does not have to be expensive. We…

Top 5 Picnic Sites Around Nairobi

Nairobi is Kenya’s capital city. It is a major entry point to a lot of visitors. This includes both local and international visitors that visit every so often. Recreation activities around the city are in abundance. Picnic sites are equally available and are not only picnic sites but grounds that host various activities during the…

10 Best National Parks in Kenya

Kenya offers unlimited acres of wilderness full of incredible wildlife diversity. Most national parks here offer classic vehicle safaris and a few offer bike, foot and horseback safaris. Kenyan safaris are also much more affordable than other African countries. Here is a list of the best national parks in Kenya.

Low Season in Mombasa

The low season in Mombasa runs from April to May due to the long rains. Mombasa can sometimes be quite expensive during the high season. If you are in the coastal city there is nothing better than getting a quality beach front hotel or resort. Staying in town is not probably a good idea if you are going to Mombasa for holiday. So when is the best time to visit Mombasa in the low season?

20 Cheap Weekend and Day Trip Getaways in Nairobi

You don’t necessarily have to travel far to get enjoy a weekend getaway. Nairobi is strategically located almost in the middle of Kenya making it easy to get away for a weekend of relaxation. Many of these getaways are budget friendly and quite affordable. No matter your activity, a romantic getaway, game drives, outdoor activities, day trips, camping trips, weekend getaways this list should easily cover your desires.